Corporate Finance

Xeinadin has the expertise to offer you a wide range of corporate finance services. Our primary focus lies within the indigenous Irish mid-market sector, where we’ve garnered a robust reputation for adeptly steering entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses through phases of substantial expansion.

Financial transactions matter. They are part of the journey.

Are you considering a merger, acquisition, capital raise, or business disposal?

Xeinadin specialises in providing comprehensive commercial and strategic guidance to businesses. Our approach involves collaborating closely with management teams to achieve sustainable enhancements and expedited growth in stakeholder value.

Corporate Finance

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Corporate financing FAQs

Corporate finance deals with the financial activities and decisions within a corporation. It involves managing capital structure, investment decisions, and financial strategies to maximise shareholder value.

While there is crossover between accounting and corporate finance, they aren’t the same. Accounting usually looks back at a company’s past transactions and seeks to record and monitor these transactions. On the other hand, corporate financing is much more concerned with the future. For example, planning the next takeover or acquisition of assets.

Corporate finance plays a crucial role in M&A by evaluating potential targets, negotiating deal terms, structuring financing, and assessing the financial impact on the acquiring company.

Financial planning helps companies forecast future cash flows, set financial goals, allocate resources efficiently, and anticipate potential financial challenges or opportunities, thereby enhancing overall financial performance and stability.

Financial modelling involves looking at your company’s financial situation to provide accurate valuations of your business and help you forecast growth. This means you can use these insights to make better decisions that support your business.

Corporate finance specialists like us have worked with numerous businesses to drive growth. Using decades of experience, acorporate finance advisor can tap into their network of funders and in-depth sector knowledge to identify the best deal for your business.

By knowing what capital structure makes sense for different types of businesses, your advisor will help you make strategic long-term decisions that make business sense.

Companies can raise capital through various means, including issuing equity (e.g., IPOs, secondary offerings), issuing debt (e.g., bonds, loans), or through alternative financing options such as venture capital or private equity investment.

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